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Top sellers of Bitstream online shop (updated daily).

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1. Oz Handicraft Cyrillic

Oz Handicraft Cyrillic top selling font preview

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2. Humanist 777

Humanist 777 top selling font preview

This distinguished design was initially prepared by Adrian Frutiger for his friend Alfred deVolz at Sofratype, the Parisian manufacturer of linecasting matrices. The working drawings were made by Andre Guertler; the face was called Concorde, and was released in 1968. Details »

3. OCR-B

OCR-B top selling font preview

Adrian Frutiger's distinguished and successful 1966 design for the European Computer Manufacturers' Association improving readability of letters for both machines and humans. OCR-B is replacing OCR-A. Details »

4. Staccato 222

Staccato 222 top selling font preview

The late Roger Excoffon's brilliant orchestration of opposing elements produced for Fonderie Olive that rare creation, an informal script of real stature. Details »